The Hawley Family- Thanksgiving 2001. We Truly Have a Lot To Be Thankful For!

Well, we're not the Adams Family, but then again, my parents live in a movie theatre! :-)

The handsome guy on the right is me. On the far left is my dad, Robert (Bob) Hawley. The two gentlemen in back are Travis and Brandon, and the wonderful, though short, lady in front is mom (otherwise known as Connie).

YES, I said they live in a movie theatre! Well, on it, actually! You see, after most of us kids moved out (see my biography) they decided that they didn't need nor really want a large house in the country when they had to be in town to run a movie theatre every day. And since the theatre had an apartment upstairs where the previous owners lived, the logical conclusion was to follow in their footsteps and "spruce up" the place for their own use. I have to admit, my parents are the most interesting people I've ever met!

Anyway, after mom refused to let dad sod the top and have a goat, they started decorating it with masks from Italy and transferred the cat Ringo to his new home and viola! My parents live at the historic State Theatre in Zumbrota, MinnesOOOOta.

More notes on my family: Mom and Dad tell me that I am 3/4 Norwegian (Uff Duh!) 1/4 German and a little bit French Canadian Cherokee Indian. It doesn't really add up to 100%, I know, but I'll let it ride. Although I've had sneaking suspicions that I'm adopted since age 5 (for instance, the lack of a green mustache or widow's peak), I concluded these people must be my relatives because they seem equally odd and nobody seems to like me except them. Well, like is a strong word, I know. But they do let me come over for holidays! Also, I saw my mother's index toe. It's longer than her big toe, just like mine! That's GOT to be hereditary!