Welcome to my little escape. Let me say in advance that I can be reached at HAWLEYJ on AOL IM, or on MSN Messenger.

Feel free to grab yourself an R.W. Knudsen all-natural fruit spritzer (my new substitution for the old Pepsi-co addiction!) and and enjoy yourself!

An overview of justinhawleyland:

This site is intended to be basically my greatest way of escaping from the world, short of worshiping Jesus. I am going to praise, edify, vent, create, rant, and maybe even verbally spank any topic for no apparant reason. Why? Because I CAN!! It's MY JustinHawleyLand!! MINE!! ALL MINE!! HEEE HEE HEE!

By the way, if your name is Justin Hawley, please e-mail me at so that I can maybe share this domain name. I know there's at least two more out there. One of them does karate or something. Pretty cool! It'd be neat to see a MTV celebrity death match with two Justin Hawleys!! (I know that many of my friends would probably root for the other two, but anyway!)