Post 9-11 Thoughts

Well, It's been over 1/2 of a year since that terrible day. Before I begin on what I desire to talk about, I need to touch on what I believe God has said to us through 9-11. I know that the last thing we need is another "expert" telling us what we've learned, but for some reason nobody has mentioned some of my ideas.

About 1 year prior to 9-11 I received a vision at church. The vision was short and sweet, I saw the Statue of Liberty with NYC in the background. Then it appeared that something sliced the top part of the head of the Statue, basically a diagnal slice through most of the crown, so that it slid right off the head. I told Pastor Rod about it, and he asked me what I thought it meant. "I think it means that God is going to take the crown off of New York City. He's going to take away the idol that we've made it."

Looking back, it is easy for me to see that what I felt like after the attacks ties in with this vision. I KNOW that these attacks were allowed by our God. Our country was in a corrupt, evil state of perpetual sin. Of the few virtues we held to, the most esteemed was tolerance, which, historically, has been the last virtue that remains in a civilization before it's decline or destruction.

God's allowing the attacks on the WTC was his way of punching us in the face so that we would get a grip and not be destroyed. He did it because He loves us, and we were serving an idol of wood that would never satisfy and ultimately destroy us. (Money is wood).

Since the attacks, our idol has been smashed. We saw it collapse, right there on TV. Over, and over, and over again, and it still plays in our heads to this day. We saw people jump from that idol and die holding hands, and it made us understand a little better what life is about. So many people were astounded not because of what happened, but because it was a profound statement by God saying that no longer would he allow us to serve two idols, and to get our head out of our bum and think about the direction of our country and our own lives. Think about it, the bombing at Oklahoma City didn't have near the impact, not just because the number of lives, but because that building didn't represent our idol, the "almighty dollar." It was just a government building, and nobody really cared about the government anyway. Really, they didn't. I didn't, nobody did. Everyone hated the government, if they had an opinion. I didn't even own an American flag, I'm ashamed to admit.

Well, God got our attention. And people have been seeking. Our focus as Christians has turned from trying to convince Americans that God exists and loves them into trying to show them that Jesus is that God they are seeking, and that His love is the answer they are looking for, and trying to figure out the best way to present Him to the world. People KNOW that money isn't the answer anymore. That has been established.

And this is why it is IMPERATIVE that we continue to seek Him, and to make His name known, and exalt him on T.V., at our work, in the FACE of the very world that wants us to serve them rather than the living God. All the while exhibiting the respect and love of God. We need to get creative, to see the needs of the people around us, then fill those needs, make friends if possible (it usually is!), talk to them about Christ, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. IN THAT ORDER!! Lord, help me and all those in America who love you to seek for Your will, Lord. Help us. Amen.

Please, if you have any comments, let me know.

Here is a great article on what another human thought as he witnessed the events from Australia. This should jostle some memories. Here