Another new sermon! This one was a breeze and a joy to write. It is on the power of honesty in our relationship with God. 4-2-02

Put up a new sermon, (almost an essay, actually), on capital punishment. Such an amazing debate. I was amazed at how I didn't have a foundation or a belief set concerning this debate. Read it and see what you think.


Finally commented on 9-11.

2-11-02 a.m.

I started a "quotes" section today. I've felt God laying it on my heart for some time now. It will be constantly expanding, hopefully it will have many political quotes by our founding fathers as well someday soon.


I fixed the mad-lib! SORRY for the confusion!! (I used all caps because I was REALLY sorry!) Now it works!! Try it!!


I PUT UP A MAD-LIB UNDER THE STUFF SECTION!! If you don't know what a mad-lib is, it is a fun activity where you supply a series of nouns, adjectives, names, places, etc. and I programed the computer to fill out a story based on your input! Click HERE to be taken directly to the mad-lib! It's fun!

1-14-02 early a.m.

I added my newest sermon! Have I Lost My Salvation? Also put up latest geneological data. I also FINALLY put up a page with my favorite animated gifs on it! YEA! Click HERE to go there!


I started adding a top ten list under the stuff section. I also added a FAQ as well. 12-4-01

I put the first of hopefully many sermons or messages or whatever you call them up under the "stuff" section today. God bless you and give you revelation from what I've written! I also, of course, updated the "life" section as well.


The biography section has been started and I added more stuff. Family and Greeting sections are working as well, although will probably be continously updated.