I met another person who has the same wierd quirk as I do! Rosa today told me how she has this thing where when she goes out to eat at a restaurant she has to face the door. I almost crapped my pants. I thought I was the only one like that. Like I was paranoid or something. I can’t explain it. (Judging by my friends actions, I really thought I was alone).

What else,.. Vikings lost. I’m used to it. Doesn’t phase me anymore.

My contract with Ellen will be up pretty soon. I’m very eager to work out a new one with her and her fiance. I also have a few other groups that want me to manage them. I have to consider what to do. I’m leaning toward making a full-blown management company. I have put so much time and care so much for Ellen and her career that I pray first of all that we can work everything out. I really believe in her, her fiance, and her ministry. God will work out the details.

That’s it for tonight. I’m on the phone and it’s hard to concentrate and type! God bless!



The Vikings had an AWESOME game last night, and I saw one of the BEST trash-talking moments in the history of the game! Randy Moss had been ridiculed by fans in the stands with signs like “hey Randy, leave anytime” in response to his leaving the field early last week. This week, he and many others showed up in afros as a sign of unity. Then, Randy got injured 1/2 the way through, so Green Bay went down to man on man coverage on Randy. BIG mistake!! He caught one and hobbled in the end zone for about 40 yards. Then, he walked over to the goalpost, set the ball down, and pretended to pull down his pants and moon the crowd! LOL!!! What an AWESOME statement!! lol!!

That’s it for this post.

Waterbed, beautiful waterbed!

So a few days ago God gave me this waterbed when my brother moved in with me (used to be his). Anyway, I think it’s a little to full now, but still I’m just so happy that God gave me one! I’ve wanted one for years!! He is just so great!

A friend of mine in Canada named Rosa got a webcam today. We chatted on the phone and saw each other online. It was great. She is a really neat chick. For those of you who have never webcamed, yes it is weird at first. But that effect wears off quickly, and it really is a wonderful tool.

I’m just amazed at how many things the Jetsons thought up are coming true, (video phones, moving walkways, meals in pill format). I can’t wait for the suitcase you can throw everything into and then collapse to the size of a Triscuit and throw it in the trunk of your flying car, (which, by the way, are only a few years off in reality).

I pray God blesses everyone who reads this.

Jan 4 2005

Today my brother and I finalized his room. I’m REALLY enjoying having him live with me!! We cleared out a bunch of storage and organized a lot. He’s helping to keep me organized. I did a lot of work in the morning, and we worked on music at night. (Bass line for a song for our upcoming hip-hop group). Then we played Carcassonne. Right now we’re watching x-files. It has been an beautiful day.

I’m just so blessed.

Lord, bless my family. My brother Brandon. Touch his heart and give him identity in you. Bless mom, dad, Travis, and everything concerning every one of our wants, needs, and desires for all of us, and our extended family. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Life Goals

Ok. I have another one. Visit Dave’s Diner in Alaska. I found the link from , a charming website about the creativity of Missouri trailer trash. (Makes me proud to be an American!) Anyway, check out Dave’s Diner at and make sure you click around. The links for “The Gang” and “The Customers” are some of the most beautifully atrocious html coding I’ve ever seen. I love it!

Happy New Year!

Wow, what a crazy Christmas and New Year! Christmas was fantastic! I spent two full days with my parents and one of my 2 brothers, Travis. We all stuck around, and ate some of the most FANTASTIC food I’ve had in a long time! (read: snow crab legs, homemade fettuccini alfredo, homemade bread, enough cookies to kill an ox..). THANK YOU, MOTHER!!!!!!! 🙂

New Years- I went to the Unity Center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Ellen had a show there with Runway 36 and Naiomi Tegler. (By the way- Chris and Luke, you guys rock!) It was amazing. Bob’s really got a solid place there. The funny thing was that my plan was to book the bands for Bash on the Farm 2005 with Bob while I was there, but he got the chicken pox. (No joke). So a day before I go, I got a call asking me to m.c. the night. I accepted, a little bummed that I wouldn’t be able to spend time with Bob, but glad for the opportunity to serve on the New Year. My friend Amy Mitchell from Christian Mingle also came down, and we had a great time hanging out. Bob was gracious to get the bands hotel rooms, and although Ellen and Runway had arrangements, Amy, Naiomi’s bandmates Luke and Chris, and myself had a great time chilling out until 3a.m. God bless you guys.

Well. What about this year? What will God do? I am praying that he suprises me in great and glorious ways this year that I can’t even dream of. I’m not an easy guy to impress, so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with! I was so blessed in 2004 that it makes me want to weep, and I’m sure that 2005 will be more of the same. God’s grace is astounding.

I have thought for a few years now that my life is going to be divided into 2 separate chapters since I got saved (at least 2, maybe more). This first season involves the music industry. I love it, and am thrilled with every opportunity. But my heart still yearns for the second chapter, where I am married and working in Mexico with orphans, or something similar. I left my heart there, and am looking forward to working with those children again someday. But as is my custom, I will not leave the music industry until I’ve conquered it, and/or the Lord calls me on.

My wishes for 2005: Relationship started with future wife, Increased and more powerful ministry (especially through Brick and Amp and Ellen), more money and greater wisdom and less debt, and most important-

Giving my life completely over to Jesus in every area.