I haven’t had work in months. Thanks to God, April and May look to be good, though. I’ve got 3(!) straight weeks of video recording to do with MLT group at the Mayo Clinic starting April 11th. (Thanks, Mike!). And I have Allegro’s recital after that. God may be working out some other ideas as well.

I mixed 6 of Ellen’s songs the other day. We record 4 more live Monday and Tuesday (help, Lord!) I pray that we can get them all recorded, and that they will all sound great!

CD should hopefully be done by, if not out by, mid-April. God bless this project, and please get me the money needed to complete it!!

God bless!


I drove my part-time delivery van job tonight. I felt very peaceful. Toward the end of the night I even had this feeling of loving peace that somehow gave me an assurance that I will be married someday. I don’t know if it was just something I ate, but I’m hoping it was from God. If it was then I will still feel it in the upcoming weeks. When God speaks something, the words seem to reside in your spirit and remain despite emotions.

Ellen’s cd is nearing completion (halleluiah!) Anyone who reads this I WELCOME prayer so that I can finish it! I need money and time. Time and money. Seriously. It should be in the can mid-April. We may not release it until later depending on what they decide.

My relationship with Travis (youngest brother) has been better then in our entire life. I’m TOTALLY eating up the fact that he is living with me, and I feel like we’re growing closer every day. We even have great spiritual conversations, and I’m amazed at how honest he is with me and God, and how God is working in his heart. PRAISE YOU, JESUS!!!!

I’m praying about whether or not to manage another band. Please keep me in prayer. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you are just supposed to live life assuming God is with you (which is a lesson I have learned, but not mastered), or wait on God to reveal the next step. I’m certain the right thing to do is just live assuming God is with you, but always while looking to the Father. But I have a hard time doing anything that I am not passionate about. It is one of my greatest strengths and weaknesses. If I’m passionate about something I do it on a world-class level and am willing to undergo risk and even loss to see it to completion. But I am not yet making enough money with my passions. Someday. God is good!

I have a ton of website updating to do tomorrow. And a meeting at 9am. Yikes. But, you guessed it, it’s for something I’m passionate about.

God bless all who read this. And to Shelly who left a comment on my last post- God bless you. Send me an e-mail sometime so I can respond. I’d love to find out more about you.