Bible Revelations

Lately I’ve been reading the Bible. God’s been showing me a lot about difficult passages commonly interpreted as harsh or condemnational toward even Christians. The verse Hebrews about “working out” your salvation with fear and trembling, for example in Phillipians 2:12 “Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” It could look like we have to work our WAY to salvation, rather than working out the Salvation we’ve already been given. I believe it could be the difference between working out getting a job, and working out the job itself. (The job being salvation here). I have also lately been reading a lot more of these verses in context, and seeing the hand of grace, instead of judgment. Even when talking about the Levites in Hebrews Paul points out how imperfect they were, that they had to offer a sacrifice for themselves as well as the people. These types of verses surround Hebrews 4 as well, which is a stumbling block for many believers. So often we confuse disobeying God with falling away from Him. I have noticed that in my own life. I have spit in God’s face with my actions. He tells me one thing, and I do another. I have just spit in His face. Thank GOD for His grace and mercy and patience! Because that action alone is not enough to forever break my relationship with Him. Temporarily of course there is a division, but repentence brings renewal of relationship, and God is craving that relationship more than anything else in life.

Peace to all.

New Business

A few days ago when I was mixing Ellen’s stuff at 2Fish, the dam seemed to break (the financial dam). I got a few calls for business, one being a new dance studio who wants me to film their recital (yeah!) I’m pretty pumped about that!! The other was for a wedding, and I got a call about booking for a new venue as well. Glory be to God!!

Life is good. I’m learning more about grace and mercy all of the time, and am just amazed at the beauty of God. He’s incredible. I’ve even been really haveing back and forth conversations with him lately as well. I love that! Keep me focused, Jesus!