First leaves of fall.

God has been blessing me with an INCREDIBLE amount of work lately!!! First and most exciting, I just got done booking the headliners for Onefest! AWESOME, and I can’t WAIT to see this event! It is one of those things I just know automatically God is going to bless remarkably.

I have lately just been struggling with the desire to just really do things that have spiritual meaning and impact. I was out at Ironwood Springs Christian ranch for a church picnic the other day, and they had a cancer camp there. I happened to have my guitar, and so I played for them a few minutes.

That is the type of thing I want to do. Forever. Or at least all the time on this earth.

God has been telling me lately to invest the money he has given me, and so I’m asking Him how. It’s not alot, and I could use it to pay off some debt, but God knows what He’s doing.

Really enjoying the security of working part-time at MLT Group. GREAT people!! Especially Mike. God bless him financially, and everyone at MLT!

With all this work I have not had much time to myself, except for a few days last week and this. It really showed me how much I need it. Also, I don’t think my goal of going to the Grand Canyon and camping by the Colorado on the bottom is going to happen this year. It hurts to say it, but God is in control, and He loves me! 🙂