World Missions- FREE BOOK!!

I just started reading the book “Revolution in World Missions” and I feel I’ve found so much purpose! My eyes have been opened!! God had me reading the parable of the 10 minas today as well (the parable of talents). My eyes were opened to a new interpretation of those scriptures. The verses talk about how a king went away to a far country and entrusted different sums of money to each of 3 servants. It goes on to tell how those that invested it were rewarded and the one who didn’t was punished.

HERE’s the revelation…

The church in the West has really missed the interpretation and the SPIRIT of these verses. Some, myself included, have really even taken it literally to mean investing the money so that we can tithe more. That is good, but it doesn’t even begin to touch on what Christ was getting at!! The PRIORITY is investing it into PREACHING the Gospel!! (Missions!) THAT is the investment that will reap rewards from the master!! NOT INVESTMENT IN STOCKS, BONDS, CHURCH BUILDINGS, ETC.!!!

We, in these United States, have been given much. And we are asked to invest much DIRECTLY INTO PREACHING THE GOSPEL. That can take many forms, but as this book tells about, for the price of one $74 million dollar church we could LITERALLY EVANGELIZE an ENTIRE state in India!!

Does God CARE about our church BUILDING?!?!?!!!????

Or does he care about the 40,000 people who die in India each day going to hell without hearing the Gospel.

We need to get the priorities right.

I’ve been trying to pay off all my debt so that I can give more to God from what I actually have. That is a noble goal.

But I don’t want to wait until then. Lord, give me the ability to give NOW!!!! There are people dying TODAY!!!!

With the help of God, from this day forward I would like to give 15% of what He gives me to the cause of world evangelism. Please give me guidance Lord, to adhere to this as you give me grace, and not to legalistically stick to it and lose the vision. It is Your money, Lord.

I hope this post inspires you to read that book, Revolution in World Missions. It is FREE (Yes, REALLY FREE the way the Gospel should be spreading!) by going to Gospel For Asia’s website.

Well, it’s 4a.m.

So I slept in ’till 11:20a.m. today. Great move, Justin! 🙂
Here it is at 4a.m. and I’m running out of excuses to stay awake. Since I don’t feel like sleeping… let me see.. maybe I’ll work on that novel that I never wanted to write.

Puter’s been running slow lately. Lord help it run perfect!


End of a long, beautiful chapter.

Hello everyone!!

Today by a unanimous vote we decided to close Brick and Amp permanently. It was not for any reason except that God placed it on our hearts.

I cannot tell you the range of emotions I have been priviledged to go through tonight. It has been my ABSOLUTE priviledge serving with such fine people as Eric and Jessica Brennan, Mike and Sara Kramer, Colin and Erin Calvert, Rod, J.J., Tasha, Jed, Drew, and Ross Scheppa. I have so many incredible and precious memories, and my only prayer is that someday everybody will be able to feel the joy and blessing that I feel tonight.

I have never cried as much as tonight in all my life.

Emotions and thoughts just washed over me! I felt (feel) years of kids smiling faces as they find joy in what we with God created. I felt honored to serve with people who believed not only in my vision, but also in me. I can NEVER thank you guys enough!! There were a few times I thought you would all leave me, but you NEVER DID!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I feel joy in thinking about all of the faces of people we taught to worship and party with God. Of all the times I took time out to make a friend with a kid, and about the lives I saw changed and the straight paths we placed so many people on. I feel frustration and anger for not being able to better unite the churches into Brick and Amp on a leadership level, and anger for the church in Rochester’s relative isolation and focus on self. Myself included. I feel pride and joy at seeing how many churches brought their youth groups over the years. The Baptist church in Kasson, Emanuel Baptist, Res. Life Catholic, and more.

I feel EXTREMELY proud when I think of the time 2 Catholic churches, 1 Baptist church, 1 African non-denom church, and 1 Assemblies of God church contributed money to get East West and Justifide. (My friend Damian was consequently saved that night with the help of the lead singer of East West.)

I feel proud about the image we portrayed, and how we always strove to excellently represent Jesus.

My life statement is “To accurately represent Jesus.” I know we did our best and it makes me pleased!!

I laugh and smile at our Halloween parties. Those images are etched in my mind forever! lol!

I weep tears of joy and yearning for the bands we have hosted. My heart burns for them all, and I pray that God will use their ministries more than they can ever dream!!

I got to hear “Words of Grace” and “The Vast Expanse” and “Moxie Bliss” and “Silverline” and “Ellen” and “Spoken” and “Leven” and “The Roosevelt’s” and “Runway 36” and “Noah” and “Ryan Daniel” and “Caitlyn Smith” and “Mercy Fall” and “Stentorian” and “Mercy Fall” and more!

I learned more about my own stamina and commitment to a few individuals than I ever thought possible.

I stand in awe of how God has used Brick and Amp as an opportunity to make more friends and contacts in the music industry than I ever imagined.

I have a thousand pictures to prove it. 🙂

I got to be in “Orders to Burn”

I met Greg and Justin and the AWESOME people at Rock Solid!

I felt bummed that God did not (yet) take it to a higher level. (I am still open to Him doing so!)

I repented of all the bands I didn’t think had good music, and I hurt people who only were trying to share with others what was so important to them. Forgive me, Lord.

I feel blessed beyond measure to count (if it be possible) the many friends I have made as a result of this great experiment, and resounding success, Brick and Amp.

I have no idea what the future holds. But letting go.. letting go has to be the hardest thing to do in life. God gave me a dream about getting on the cross a few months ago. I’ve been waiting since then to see what it is of my life that I have to lay down. Without the cross their will never be a resurrection. And I want God to raise up the next version of Brick and Amp!!!

Goodbye, Brick and Amp!

It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!

Today at 8:01pm I offically turn 28. Awesome!

Trying to figure out what to do today. Since I don’t have a lot of friends, I’m not sure I can get together a crew to go out and party or come over and party. It will be a handful at best. But here are some things I would like to do today to celebrate. Some I will do for sure, some are just pipe dreams.

1. Eat Chicken Parmesean at Rainbow Cafe in Pine Island. (YUM!!!!)
2. Hang out with my friends. (Family time will be another day)
3. Drop off a cake or something at MLT group.
4. Take my laptop to some nature place and work on genealogy stuff.
5. Go golfing.
6. Finish up all remaining little pieces of work.
7. Meet my future wife.
8. See Brandon, Laura, Gabriel.
9. Go Skydiving.
10. Get my legs waxed.
11. See “March of the Penguins”

Ok. Just kidding about number 10!! And I think I’m saving skydiving for my 30th Birthday. I hear if you get good enough they let you do it without a parachute.

Birthdays. I personally LOVE them!!! I believe life is precious, purposefull, and today is my day to see the beauty in the world and celebrate the fact that yes, I am ALIVE!!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, dear reader, may your day be blessed, and may you know that you have a purpose!

Sunrise – Sunset

I realized tonight I still have not come to terms with my own mortality. My own sin, really. I have been Christian now for well over a decade, and yet when I set my eyes to Christ the first feeling I oftentimes have is regret or even sorrow. Why? Because I know that there is so much more that I could be doing. But then, with God that is never the point. And so in my worst state of self-pity after a good amount of time spent in the arms of Jesus I finally feel again what I know is true- I am loved. Deeply loved, and my God is proud of me. Not because I earned it, but because I just took the time to realize it.

Which begs the question-

Why is it so hard to start the day living with the assumption that by the end I will again feel like everything is how it is supposed to be, and I am ETERNALLY loved?!

It seems like oftentimes the peace and love I fall asleep with is somehow drained during the night and I wake up with fear of not measuring up to God, worthless self-image, and a desire to make it right by working harder.

God bless me.

I praise God for age. As I am now just starting to barely scrape any semblence of bragging rights about having lived on this earth, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would ever trade age in all it’s bloated sagginess for youth in all it’s beauty and ignorance. The Bible is truly revealing the plan of God when it says “The glory of young men is their strength, the glory of old men is their gray hairs.”

As I grow older, my stamina for my own pride, sin, lies, etc. grows weaker and weaker. Thank God. And as a result I ride the slow wave of age closer and closer to my Jesus. I see things revealed in my life now that I never used to even know existed. And I no longer have the patience to live with even the petty things that are obviously not true. And so I ask God to change me. And He, in His mercy, still stands there with His arms wide open and that big smile on His face.

You see, really, age for me is just a short definition for the process of laying down my life for the sake of gaining Christ.

Could there be a more precious gift??