I need to say that since that youth retreat I have been thinking about working with kids. Today I even thought about how cool it would be for us young adults to take over youth group (Pastor Rod actually came to our young adult group tonight and talked to us about that exact thing). It would THRILL me to see us all leading these kids! We’d be using our gifts again, and working like a team, just like at Brick and Amp! I can see how this truly is a new model for American Christians, one where no-one is pressured to do anything but use their gifts as God leads them, but yet there is still an incredibly unified direction. And the key to it all is that we all pray and prophecy for each other when we get together. There is just something that makes us all stronger when we do that.

I would like to take these kids to the Peace Plaza next year and let them lead church, and afterward they can pray and prophesy over people. How cool would that be?!!?!!! YEEHAW!!!!

I have even thought about being a youth pastor. But I would not do it if the old model applied. I would have to be basically the person who is always there, but who really doesn’t do all the work. Much like Brick and Amp, but probably even less work. It is a new model, like I said. God, if this is Your will, please make it happen!

Love you all! Feel free to comment or e-mail me at if you have any thoughts.

I got stoned.

I had a dream last night where I had just got done witnessing about Jesus to a Muslim dude in with a turban. He had a stone in his hand, and I remember somehow I felt pain from the stone, but at the same time I was happy when I realized I was experiencing pain for the love of Jesus. God’s grace truly is there with us at all times! (Even in our sleep!)

I have prayed for years that when it is my time to go be with Jesus I can die a martyr’s death. I’m not some morbid dude, I just can’t imagine just dying of whatever boring old reason most people die of. Where’s the glory? I guess if I could die some other way that glorify’s Jesus that I haven’t thought of, that would be fine, but what could be cooler than witnessing to people in your final moments?!

Anyway, I don’t usually write about the topic of death. Thanks for reading!



About 2-3 months ago I decided to make a drastic change in my life and STOP working at about 5 or 7pm. Then just enjoy life.

I love it.

But it is hard. Awful hard.

And then there are times as a business owner where you just don’t have a choice. You do the work until it gets done tonight, or you lose a client. Those are the hardest times, because I want to do the right thing for myself, but can’t.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this. Just thought you would like to know.

Also, I want to go on vacation. Somewhere warm, this winter (hopefully in February). A beach. Lots of food and a few nice fruity drinks. Something with a little paper umbrella. Lord, please make this happen.

I can’t wait until I’ve conquered the music industry and moved on to youth ministry. Something completely different in work and reward. That’s my heart’s desire.

Anyway, tonight I went out to Jenpachi Steakhouse. One of those places where Mexicans are trained to look like Japanese people and do all sorts of tricks cooking the food in front of you. Fire, twirling spatulas, eggs in the air, you name it! It was GREAT!!! Another reason I’m glad for getting older! (Can eat less, but buy better food!)


Youth Retreat

Just got back from a weekend youth retreat where us young adults lead the entire thing and spoke and everything. It was great!!! Lots of great relationships made, and the most important thing is that God’s voice was heard and understood.

At the end we had the youth come and pray for us young adults and the couple of older adults who were our elders. One girl, Alex C., told me she saw a picture of me and God skydiving. Little did she know this is a desire in my heart, and I just told another kid in my cabin earlier that I wanted to do this next year. I had felt a little apprehensive, not out of fear, but I don’t want to push the limits of God’s grace. But this word freed me up and I’m going to jump out of that plane with reckless abandon and fun!! This same girl had an incredible vision earlier with an angel, heaven, and Jesus.

Another kid, Jesse S., got this INCREDIBLY cool vision of God on the throne, with Jesus on his right-hand side, and “someone who I wasn’t sure who it was on the left, but God told me that it was representative of the church.” WOW.!! This kid can’t be older than 10, and he is just sweeter than you can imagine. Not an ounce of guile in him, or vanity, or anything.

I had a BLAST with the boys in the dorm!! I decided to go there rather than my private room, because I knew it would be more fun and have better opportunity for ministry. Boy, was I right!!! I’ll never forget laughing until 2:30 or Paul the “Walrus” hacking in the early a.m. or the fire alarm going off to a room FILLED with smoke at 3a.m. (left a log on TOP of the wood-burning stove!) Great memories!!

Also got a lot of excercise. It is amazing, though, that I woke up GREAT every day. Not sore or anything. God is there with grace.

Watched Batman begins the other day. That show ROCKS!!!! One of my favorite ever! Especially if you look at the spiritual analogies of Gotham as the U.S. or humanity as a whole and Batman as a believer on a journey. I love the line about “I’m not ready to give up on her yet.”

What else- WORK!!! MLT work was SO COOL this week!!! I got 2 days of limo shoots in both Rochester and the Cities, and 1 day of a helicopter shoot in Lake City. On the way back the pilot informed me we were going about 102 knots. I said, “How about we do 102 knots 5 feet above the ground?” He said, “Oh, ok” and we were literally flying 5 feet above the top of the corn stalks at 110 mph!! AWESOME!!!!! If anyone want’s this guys number, just let me know!!

Peace and love in Christ!

WOW!! What a NIGHT!!!

So I was sitting on my bed, ready to go to bed and I opened my Bible. First verse I read is Song of Songs:

By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.

I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth

So I think right away that God is trying to tell me to go walk down Broadway and seek him and maybe even witness to people.

I park my car at Wendy’s and start walking. First stop I make is a gas station that has recently been purchased by some Muslims. I stop in and get a juice and try to make a little small talk. Nothing really sticks, but I did get a few smiles and hopefully God will use that in the future.

I keep walking..

I see Taco Bell. I wonder if I should go to it, but I say “God, I am NOT hungry!!” (I’ve been trying to eat LESS, remember?!) But I decided to walk over and throw away a piece of paper and see what He would do. I get to the trash and immediately see a few guys from Crossroads Bible college coming out. I talk to them and show them the verses that I read.

Then a guy in the drive thru line says “I was sure you were playing a game!! But it was the Bible heh heh!” I walk over and tell him the story. He LOVES it and is obviously a Christian.

Then I go inside to get a water (excuse to try to start conversation) and I get a call from my good friend Laura Grazier. Now, getting a call from Laura in and of itself is a real treat. She’s one of the few people in life I really relate to. She’s very classy, but also practical and really has a heart for God. She is also very talented and works for God doing important ministries such as communicating about the child sex trade or the African AIDS epidemic. And she’s not religious. She loves a glass of wine or a good beer. 🙂 Awesome person. So we talk a while and hang up and..

I keep walking.

I walk downtown and walk through Kathy’s Pub (really should be called Kathy’s dirty, smoky, ugly bar) and see no one I know. I walk to Bilotti’s and sit down on the bench and watch a lady empty a shopping cart into the dumpster across the street. That reminds me of the Ultra Lounge down the street and I walk toward it. When I get there this Mitsubishi 200 honks and pulls into the stall. I talk to the gentleman. He is a black businessman who it turns out is from Cuba. Obviously wealthy and professional. So we hang out and start talking about God and take a drive in his Mitsubishi!! (HOW COOL!!) He’s in town for only 90 days and we swapped phone numbers. He is a Christian, but I can tell that he needs revival in his life. He needs the love of God to surround him, even as he sleeps tonight. I was able to tell him my story of how I got downtown and he gave me a ride BACK TO MY CAR!!! lol! It is AMAZING to me how many times I’ve gotten a ride back if I start out walking with the hopes of leading people to Jesus.

What a night. Thank you, God!!