How to witness successfully.

God’s been teaching me a lot about Him, love, and the importance of relationship. Last week at church I got a revelation that there is no fear in relationship. It brought to life that verse “but perfect love casts out fear”. I always wondered about this because I love God, and He loves me, but yet at times it was fearful to think about praying with someone or witnessing to someone somewhere.

But it’s not about praying with someone or witnessing to someone somewhere.

It’s about relationship.

It’s about Jesus.

I mentioned this revelation to young adults group tonight and afterward my friend Nate told me about how he witnesses on the streets using tracks and the 10 commandments approach. I wholeheartedly support him and this approach. But it’s not where my focus is any more. I need to focus on relationships. If I can form relationships while out witnessing, even for just 2 minutes, than the Gospel usually comes naturally. But the aim is relationship, because you can’t be honest with someone easily and feel right about it without knowing them. Don’t get me wrong, you could form a relationship in 2 minutes. And Lord willing you can witness to them. It’s not that it looks any different. It’s the FOCUS. My focus will be on relationships. That’s where I find God the best.

I’d have to say that without relationships, the Gospel loses 65% of it’s power. Of course witnessing that isn’t as relationship-based speaks numerically to more people. That’s why I can’t rule out street witnessing from a more systematic approach, but I know where I need to focus. God bless those to whom God gives grace to do it the other way. They are BOTH needed.

As a confirmation to me tonight that I should follow this path and not feel guilty, God blessed me with a new book I’m reading online by Arthur blessit about his journey across the Darien Jungle with his 12 foot cross. Arthur wanted to witness so bad, but Jesus didn’t let him do it much. It was about Him and Arthur, and their relationship. Check out for MANY great (ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IS MORE LIKE IT!!) online books!