Jesus the Bridegroom

Today the Lord revealed something to me that is one of the most important milestones in my life.

God as the bridegroom.

No words can possibly express how I feel God right now. I feel him as a bridegroom that comes behind his bride and puts his arms on her shoulders and head on her shoulder and asks her if she’s _____ (whatever) just to talk to her. Just like married couples, but with the fresh joy and expectancy of a new marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about anything physical. I’m talking about the point Jesus was trying to make when calling his church His bride. I’m talking about that kind of holy and pure love.

I have always known Jesus as Daddy, and recently in my walk as my Friend. But tonight is the first night in my life I have connected the dots and feel the love of God for me as my Bridegroom. It has changed my perception on my life, my outlook on who I am, (the loved BRIDE of Christ!). (And I now know WHY he will make it “given unto you” if you ask. Because as his bride He’s always looking for how He can please me. Just because He loves me.)

I looked at a poster in my room from “The Passion of the Christ” tonight and for the first time thought of nothing, but a man going through that struggle for His wife. That simple, holy love.

I must say here that lately God has been helping me to rebuke some related lies about myself as well. I typically have been a person with a martyr complex, or monastic outlook. In other words, when I come to God to pray, I would historically feel this emptiness as a point where I would begin. With me completely emptied out for my Lord. This filtered into much of my life. It is a reason many days I would fast until 4:30pm, or why I had to in some way do some good after I screwed up before I felt truly right with God. But that lie is officially broken.

I come to God now as a mature woman comes to her husband. I can just see a woman in a wedding dress coming toward her bridegroom with a look of knowing she’s loved and a smile on her face. NOT a feeling of feeling unworthy to be loved and accepting it anyway. But rather a feeling of knowing that she’s the apple of his eye and truly relishing her place in life. Even with a smirk.

It’s hard to describe this revelation, so just let me say this. God will give me whatever I ask for. I will be married. I will speak to churches about this revelation. Because there are a lot more people out there who are living like I used to. And they need to know they are a BRIDE!

The unreal expectations laid upon women

I was speaking to my friend Amber yesterday and telling her how sad I feel for what our culture has created in terms of expectations on women, and how I feel it has harmed both men AND women. For example, every woman desires to be this physically:

And why? Because our culture has created the image above as the “ideal”, the very picture of perfection, and it so saturates our consciousness that men succomb to the power of the image. And women know this. Never mind the women are usually anorexic and airbrushed.

As a result, many men miss out on great relationships with women who truly ARE beautiful, even if they don’t equal the current “supermodel” look. But a few hundred years ago, the fat, white chicks were considered supermodels.

Back to today: What this public image of what a woman should be has done to many women, on the other hand, is create in them a sense of inadequacy or even ugliness, when in reality God creates EVERYONE beautiful. Not to mention that that feeling never leads to physical beauty anyway, but usually makes people eat more or become anorexic.

So we find this pressure on both men and women, men to show off a trophy and women to be a trophy.

Lord, may you help us to break this curse, and this cycle of unrealistic images of our mates in our minds. Amen.


One thing that really irks me is perversion. Especially when a perfectly good movie is ruined by it. What is the point? I don’t like it. I love Ben Stiller, but I saw “Along Came Polly” tonight and really was sad. It was just one long string of pointing at people’s private parts. But I guess that’s what makes “perversion” perversion. It is the misuse of God’s gifts in a way that distorts their true purpose (i.e. joy in marriage) and dishonors Him. In a way that slaps Him in the face by saying “see! Here’s what you don’t like!” It is the flaunting of a great gift in public that God stated was private. My prayer is that God will allow everyone to truly see how good He is and realize that he made sex, made it to be fun, and made it to be between husband and wife. If you see the goodness of God, and realize there is a reason for everything He does, you never want any form of perversion. He’s GREAT!!!!

Yahoo! news- BOO!!!

Ok, so it’s official. Yahoo’s news services SUCK!!! They are ALWAYS focusing on the bad side of anything Bush or war related. I love Yahoo! but keep this in mind.

Dave Chappelle

I just saw Dave Chappelle on “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. Never seen the show before. Imagine if a famous actor or comedian was having confession in the living room of an older respected therapist and friend. That’s sort of what it feels like. It is at times hilarious, but at the same time one of the most intimate shows I’ve ever seen. I count it a privilege to have seen this show. Dave talked a lot about the “powerful illusion” of Hollywood and why he basically quit it at the height of his career after his dad died.

My friends, there is nothing more important than God, family and friends. I don’t know if Dave’s figured out this first thing, but he’s got a handle on the last two. I pray somehow he’ll find Jesus!


Nano Bird

So, first of all, I got my iPod. It’s a Nano, as cool as it sounds. Amazing they can fit 1BG of songs in that thing.

So last night my friend Nina came over for Valentine’s Day. It was a blast. Very fun time. We had a great meal an Jenpachi, went dancing, etc. Before she came I spent much of my time cleaning my apartment. For some reason I started to think about how birds try to make and clean up their nest in order to court a girl. How is it that humans and birds BOTH are so similar? Am I on the same romantic level as the blue footed booby?

And are girls also not far removed?

Well, I guess it’s a necessary part of putting your best foot forward and getting to know another person. Plus, my apartment NEEDED it!

Buy Danish?

Found this online. It is in response to the Islam boycott of Danish products. I must say here, that I did go to Michelle Malkin’s blog and actually view the cartoons. Some of them are deeply offensive, and I sympathize with Muslims around the world for feeling violated. My hope and prayer is that they will find peaceful ways to vent their anger, such as boycotting the newspaper itself. Boycotting the entire country is not the right action, but they are at least on the right path. A peacefull boycott of the paper and peacefull protests will do more for their reputation and image than burning cars and killing people.

I’m showing the following only so you can make up your own mind and decide if you want to help out the innocent Danish people or not. In reading this I also highly recommend going to and actually looking at the cartoons.

Judith Apter Klinghoffer


John Zimmerman is right. The Muslim countries have chosen to pressure liberal little Denmark in order to teach the media and governments, which stand by them, a lesson which does not bode well for free speech or satire. Kuwait has joined the Saudi boycott (the Saudi market alone is worth 1.2 billion) and I suspect the rest will follow. So, here is a plea from my Danish friends:

“If you Americans look with this great sympathy on our case, couldn’t you then raise a consumer support of DK in the US? The opposite of a boycott. A movement of: “Buy Danish!” Please?
You can easily eat and digest all our famous Danish cheese at your millions of breakfast-tables from Seattle to Atlanta. Then the boycott (which is escalating fast down there now) will be harmless.

Well, we can and should. In fact the idea immediately occurred to the readers of Charles of LGF who was kind enough to post the news about the Saudi boycott on his popular site. They recommended you buy not only the always delicious Danish butter cookies but also:

Danish Havarti cheese

Carlsberg and Tuborg Beers.

Arla owns White Clover Dairy, a Wisconsin company so buy that brand. It comes under White Clover and Holland Farm.

Danish Crown hams ( DAK (sold at Sam clubs)… baby back ribs, because they come from Denmark.

You shop online at The Danish Foodshop and Danish Deli Foods.

You can also buy gorgious Danish porcelain and LEGO for the kids.

UPDATE: First, the speed with which this movement took flight is amazing and encouraging. Thanks, guys, for helping spread in on your blogs. The boycott is gathering steam. Our old friend Libya also withdrew its ambassador. But the Danes are standing firm and the EU (for the moment) is standing by them:

EU trade chief Peter Mandelson met a Saudi minister at a meeting in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos on Sunday and “urged the minister to convey the seriousness of this issue to his government,” his spokesman said.
“Any boycott of Danish goods would be seen as a boycott of European goods,” said spokesman Peter Power.

An opinion poll showed that 79 percent of Danes think Fogh Rasmussen should not issue an apology and 62 percent say the newspaper should not apologize.

For must read updates including the text of the Danish Imam’s case against Denmark click here

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Frugal Schmoogal

I need a new alarm clock or CD player boom box or MP3 player for my bedroom so I can worship. This is a spiritual need.

I will gladly and easily go to Wal-Mart and waste $40 on food and junk, but why is it SO hard to justify an expense that will further my walk with Christ?

Proverbs 28:22
“A stingy man is eager to get rich, and is unaware that poverty awaits him”.

This verse also speaks to me about just general dealings with money. The quickest way to becoming rich is to walk with integrity, financial responsibility, and also SPENDING money both on wise investments and also ministries God places on your heart, and even some on yourself.(!). Strange but true. Now, you shouldn’t go overboard on ANY of those, it’s a balancing act and God will honor it as you seek his will for your finances. But I do know and believe that all of the above are important. There may be times where missionaries and such don’t spend much on themselves, but God loves them enough to give them special gifts, or outright ask that they buy themselves something they want just because He wants to love on them and show them that He’s in control. I believe this.

But back to the topic at hand- I also have a tough time buying spiritual books at the Christian Book and Gift shop. There is a definite spiritual opposition in my heart, or in the atmosphere about buying things that will further my walk with Christ. All of the sudden the extremely “frugal” Justin comes out. ALWAYS in these times at the Christian Book and Gift shop, or when I want something like a boom box to further my spiritual walk. I now, here and now, reject that stupid feeling and those stupid thoughts. I will be frugal in WAL-MART, but NOT in the Christian Book and Gift shop!!!

Tomorrow I’m getting a boom box.

Special Olympics Freezing my Butt

So on Saturday I will be donating my body to charity. This is the first year I’ve participated in the “Polar Bear Plunge” for Special Olympics. It’s pretty simple, really. I had to raise $70, and then I jump into the frozen Foster Arends lake. Yikes!

The COOLEST part is that I hear some of the Special Olympians will be jumping as well. HOW COOL IS THAT?!!?!!! I get to jump with them into a frozen lake! lol!! YEA!!!

I think I’ll go see “The Ringer” tonight!