Celebrity Fundraising.

I just went to my third Shjon Podein celebrity fundraising event.

It was awesome.

I’ve done this long enough that I know many of the players and most of the kids.

The only thing in life that matters is other people (after God, that is). This event rekindled my love for good people. People like Tommy Stewart and Brad Paisley that selfishly give up their time and talents for the sake of kids in unfortunate circumstances.

I got to watch my video get played in front of everyone (a video of the kids that I made) and it was probably one of the most proud moments of my life. I have NO idea why it struck me that way. Maybe it was because my heart really is for those kids, or maybe it is because I simply felt the blessing that God promised when we give rather than receive. But whatever it is, I believe it moved people, and maybe I had something to do with the record sales and hopefully the eventual cure.

I went this year with Rachel Ranfranz, Debbie Ranfranz, and Jon and Stacie Zimmerman. Couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to share this experience with!

God in my dream!

The following post is re-posted from my private journal. The original post dates 5-19-06. It took me weeks to tell anyone about this, but since then I have told many people, and feel excited every time I do.

I was dressed up and in a courtroom. God was the judge. He was asking me questions. In that respect I guess I was on trial, but his goal was never judgment, but only really curiosity and as you will see, passion for love. Dad was in the room observing. We were talking about my experience in the music industry.

God – “What did you think of (friends name) and his dreams of becoming the next Beatles or John Lennon?”

“Well, I think that is a pretty tall order. Many times youth in their arrogance don’t realize how hard the music industry is. I mean, I did pretty welll, I-…”

“Do you feel better now that you are out of it?”

“I feel SO much better now that I’m out of it! I feel more clear and have better relationships-..”

“Did you have many relationships in the music industry!?,” He asked excitedly.

“Yeah”, trepidly, “sometimes you would even have relationships with someone just because they may have contacts-..”

“Well, that’s, not right.” I somehow was now physically closer to him, and he looks up past the ceiling to the sky.

God- “It’s all about the relationships. And the anointing!” He said the word “anointing” with the emphasis on the “noin”, as though he felt it! I hear someone next to me (although I didn’t see anyone else in the room but us 3) say “halleluiah”, like they do in a great sermon. I instantly was a bit embarrassed, because I knew God’s glory was there, and my dad was in the room. Then I remembered that he doesn’t care, and also realized he could go if he wanted to. I would be o.k.

God, almost overcome with love by the power of what he said and saw, somehow- “And when you get the two together… oh!!” By this time he had his arm around my shoulder and we were both looking up past the ceiling and then back at each other. End of dream.

God looked a lot like a cross between real-life judge here in Rochester Kevin Lund, with gray hair like Frank Perretti’s, but soft and comed forward. Also reminded me a little bit of an older Andrew Schwab (the gray hair). No wrinkles or lines or anything at all. But the coolest thing about him was how he was overwhelmed with his own presence. Not in a weepy way, but he had that Kris Valleton type of a “spiritual glaze” where he just felt the Spirit on him the whole time. Ok, it’s hard to explain…

Imagine someone so completely in love with relationships and love that they were just in awe of everything and everyone about it. Including, oddly, being completely in holy love with themself, (without any pride). Imagine this person felt the exciting presence of God.

I know that doesn’t make sense. What can I say? I’ve never seen anyone else like that. He overflows with love like a big ball of liquid that keeps overflowing on top of itself. That’s God.


Until this dream I did not truly understand God’s mentality. He doesn’t care a lick for anything I do. He doesn’t. He cares only for relationships. Love. If the word “do” comes up anywhere in your vocabulary you have completely missed God.

I am going to publish a word here by Arthur Blessitt. If you want to see a man who truly knows God, please read his online books. here is one link: http://www.blessitt.com/books/pilgrim1.html This man is my hero. For those of you who don’t know him, he has carried a 12 foot cross on every country on the planet. Amazing feat (he’s in the Guinness book for longest walk), but that’s not why I like him. Read his books!!!

Here is an excerpt that, of everything I know about God, defines who He is better than anything I could ever say…

“Look around at all the people you know in evangelism and in the ministry who are doing great things for God, saving souls, teaching, healing the sick, prophesying, but think for a moment. You know many of them personally and the home life of the great leader is but a shallow shell; the real spiritual life is empty; you know this. Now what they are doing is trying to make things too big for me, bigger and bigger, but I’m interested in their lives, their hurts. I want to heal their frustrations. It is just a disaster, yet they try to lead My people. I want their hearts, their emotions, their love, their interests. Not so much their time or big plans. I’m tired of hearing what people want to do for Me. I just want People to love Me, to love each other… then I will do what I will, for I am God. Everyone wants to plan a Crusade or go somewhere, but few seem to have time for Me. Arthur, I’m more interested in who you are than what you do for Me. The world will be blessed as a result of the overflow of our relationship, but some would rather talk about Me than visit with Me or live with Me. Who will wash My feet with their hair? Who will anoint My feet with costly oil? Or, who will give a cup of cold water in My name, or a place to sleep, or visit a prison? Who will speak My name dripping in love? Who will bind up the broken hearted with friendship? Everything must flow from the heart of God or it is in vain, no matter what the result. The question is ‘who are you?’ not what is the result. We’ve come to believe that the end justifies the means in Christian circles, that, if people were being saved, we say it’s a successful ministry.

Word of Knowledge

Today I captured the last of the footage needed for editing the dance recital videos I did over the last month. But let me tell you the story of something cool that happened…

My last tape was about 90 minutes of an EXTREMELY needed camera angle. Keep in mind 100 orders depend on this tape and subsequent editing of all the tapes.


It should have been right there in that little yellow bag with the rest of the tapes. I traced back in my mind and remembered Joanna handing me a bag with the tapes in there. I never did count them all, but I assumed and believed they were all in there. Did she still have one? I took that bag back with me in the car and put it in my room, where it sat until I was ready to bring the entire bag in to work with me. But it wasn’t here.


So I get in the car and start heading home, hoping to God it fell out in my room. They should have never left that bag!! But I was reading the the Bible earlier that day about some of the very precise and definite “words of knowledge” God gave people. Things like “Go to this city, a dude named such and such will pray for you and you’ll get your sight back because he’s seen you in a vision”.

So I thought, “I’ll call Rod and see, since he’s home with an eye injury, if he wants to try to get a word of knowledge for me. Then he thought, “Hey, why not me? I can have the fun!”

Then the thought popped in my head.

“It’s in your back seat.”

Really? Can that be so? I don’t ever remember putting that bag in my back seat. I know I didn’t put it there when I came back to work. Could it be?

I get home and, of course, start tearing through the mess that is “my back seat”. Under a few bags I find the tape!!!


Last night Jerod Sands took the youth out on the streets and before they left one of them got the name “Jim”. They walked up to two guys and said, “We’re going around asking people if we can pray for them and are wondering if one of your names is Jim?”

Yep. It was. They prayed for him.

That is the Biblical model, folks. How things are supposed to happen.

I have been closer to God then ever before in my entire life. I can’t express how much I love Him, or how much love I feel for and from Him. It is like a huge hug that doesn’t end. I think much of it is due to a dream I had recently, my trip to Mexico, and that I’m spending more time with Him and in the word.

God bless you all!

Grandma Hair

Ok, so this is just weird and I don’t know why. I was talking with a few friends today about leg hair and Courtney says to me, “My grandma doesn’t have any hair on her legs anymore because her pants rub it all off.”

Ewwww! GrOOssS!!

Anybody else just plain disgusted at the thought of that??!?!!