Vacation, Summer, POKER TABLE!! :-)

So I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been absorbed with enjoying the summer and also with a few pet projects lately!

Steve Elliot has been back in town for almost two weeks now. He is leaving again tomorrow, though. 🙁

But while he was back we both designed and built a custom poker table! 🙂 Yay!!! It ROCKS!! I plan on having some pictures up here soon, but it is definitely a unique and beautiful design! With my father’s busy schedule while I was growing up, I didn’t get the opportunity to learn many simple “man skills”, such as building and creating with my hands. (I have learned many more, and far more valuable skills from my dad, however!). And so I think there is a bit of an extra feeling of accomplishment when I am able to do something such as this and have it turn out so beautifully. THANK YOU, Steve, for your help, ideas, and training!

Summer is feeling cooler, days are shorter. I’m starting to think about a winter vacation. The COOL news is that next May 20-June 3 I will be in PERU!! YAY!! MACCHU PICCHU HERE I COME!! Steve, myself, and Joanna Neitzell will be making the trip (as of right now). We will combine vacation and street evangelism into one super duper 2 week vacation of awesomeness!! Plus, I get to cross Macchu Picchu off my list of things to see before I die!

On that topic, I started thinking about my death recently. I decided that I am ready to go home. I pray that I live until at least 94 and then am martyred. (Of course, maybe I just need a vacation!) Regardless, I decided to write a will. So if you want to be included, write me an e-mail! Just kidding. Jared gets the poker table. 🙂 Seriously, though. I feel so at peace with the idea of going home to Jesus. I don’t know what that means, but whenever He calls me home, I know it will be a great release to me. I love life, but I love being with Jesus even more! 🙂

Order 2 Burn (my band) played a lot this summer. A lot of ministry happened with that band. They are all so talented, and I absolutely love worshipping Jesus with them. Worshipping Jesus is the most exciting and important thing in my life. And I can do it with them better than with anyone I’ve ever met. I sincerely pray that I get an opportunity to do it full time. Especially with those guys. Please join me in that prayer. I would love nothing more than to travel the world with them and worship Jesus in the streets, churches, and everywhere we can. That, my friends, would be heaven on earth for me!

Work has been good. Been paying a little bit of debt off. God has been so faithful to give me a plan, and then bless me when I stuck to the plan. He is incredible in that respect!! Thank you, God!!

I’m ready for a break. I’m thinking about breaking out for a week or two this winter as well, God willing. I really could use a week or two to relax and re-focus.

May the grace of God, and His peace and presence, flood every eye that touches these words. In Jesus name.

A tree branch, feet washing, and 4 aces.

What a day! As a prince of God, it is interesting to watch how the world works sometimes.

Cases in point- Today as I was walking back to a chill out beach with some friends near the Zumbro River a small dead tree fell right in front of us as we were crossing the street. I was sure that our other friends did it, because they were talking about getting firewood for the fire. Well, the tree was big, dry, and so lightweight that I could carry it with one hand. And so I did, straight down to the river where it burned long and beautiful!!

When we got back, I made everyone wash their feet in my bathtub, which was a somewhat spiritual experience as well.

But the kicker was tonight. Ever since God showed me the “prince of God” thing, I have said in circumstances such as cards, “I expect princely cards. Nothing else is good enough for me.” I have also said, “If I’m playing with other princes and princesses of God, I have no problem losing, but it is going to be to one of the best hands. I’m not going to lose to crap, because we are worthy than better than that.” Some people have thought I’m arrogant, but screw that. I just know who I am and demand nothing but what a prince has a right to.

Tonight is a perfect example. I played a very, very good game of poker, ultimately going “all-in” with a full house, AAAKK. This is nearly unbeatable. The three aces were community cards, and I had pocket kings. But Aaron, my only opponent at this point in time, HAD THE OTHER ACE!!!! WOWWWW!!!!!

I don’t know if you have ever seen a 4 aces hand before, but it is exciting, and I was very pleased at losing to such a fine hand.

That is the way it is for princes of God.

Fun times.

Had 3 gigs within 21 hours this weekend. First a Peace Plaza outreach, that nabbed more people than I expected!! Not just more people watching, but more ministry happened! Praise God!!!! Second was playing at church, and the third was playing this morning at Journey church, which was also a blast. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get some.

Gabriel was down this weekend. My 2-year-old nephew. Absolutely adorable. An absolute treasure! He came to the Peace Plaza with mom and dad, and then I went and hung out with them today. What a treat!!

Played poker again tonight (6-handed) and won it. I believe the studying and experience is starting to pay off.

I can feel summer starting to wind down. It makes me a bit sad, but I have done everything I set out to do. I can truly say that I did not waste a single day this summer!! HALLELUIAH!!!

Dan and I are going to build a custom-designed poker table. Hopefully this week.

Birthday coming up soon! Sept. 14th. I think I’ll try to get a group together and go to Chicago for a weekend. That would be awesome!!!

Lots of love and blessings to anyone who reads this.

SOOOO much fun!!!!

I haven’t written a blog in a while simply because my life has been SOOOOO fun lately!!! Everything from burning a chess set infected with African termites (thanks, Rose!) to swimming to grilling to fishing to golfing to shopping to road trips to classy parties to POKER!!!! (My new passion is Texas Hold ’em No Limit!! AWESOME game!!!)

Highlights include:

Mall of America with my two nephews (one 3, one newborn), 2 of my brothers, and my sister in law.

Road tripping with 4 girls to visit Emily and Joanna in Kansas City and chilling at the IHOP. Stayed there for a weekend and came back SO refreshed!!!

My brother Brandon seems to be doing well and God is working in His life. Yay God!!

Figuring out that if I wind up like Tiger woods I can actually HIT the ball like Tiger Woods!!! I LITERALLY HIT A GOLF BALL OUT OF THE DRIVING RANGE!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I can’t describe the feeling of hitting a ball over 100 yards than your previous record, but wow! It’s awesome!!!

Lately I’ve been studying and playing a ton of Texas No Limit Hold ’em, as I said before. I can’t tell you what an awesome game this is!! It is so rare now days you ever sit face to face with friends anymore, that it is a true treat to do it hours on end! And the game itself involves so much skill, human dynamics, math, and luck that I don’t think I have ever had more fun playing a game!

God blessed me with another website today as well. Just when I needed it. He always seems to know when that is! 🙂

God bless you all!!