So today I am done with Dance recitals for the year. It has taken months of hard work to get the 6 shows recorded, edited, duplicated, labeled, and mailed, but I am FINALLY FREE!!!! Now I can get outside and enjoy the summer!!! Working until 3-4 a.m. every night just sucks in the summer, I’ve decided. I’ve got to plan better next year.

A friend of mine helped me realize that I’m not putting any important information on my blog anymore. Just random rants. So here is the skinny on the life of Justin for the last 6 months…

First and foremost, Matt, Diana, and new addition Joshua paid me a visit from Switzerland early this year. It was awesome to see them, and especially Joshua. I wish we had more time together, but it is really just fodder for me to get back to Europe sometime soon. My personal highlight was Famous Dave’s with them. Here is a picture…

I really appreciate the fact that they made this trip. You guys ROCK!!!!

Other important news – Jess and I are currently dating again. I really love her more every passing day. She is truly an incredible person. I am enjoying taking this relationship as the Lord allows, and am finding out SOOOOOO much about me (much of which is yucky!) but enjoying working on becoming more like Jesus through it all. Thank you, Jessie, for blessing me with your friendship and love!!!

Today I dropped off of every worship team at church. I was surprised to feel relieved. I only get to church once every month lately, and it’s not fair to Jon, Stacie, or anyone else. It is odd, because worship is where I’m anointed, but I am confident I did the right thing. I am simply too busy, and my focus, hallelujah, is so much on relationships now that I am even more interested in my relationships with others than I am in worship. God really has been changing my heart in a good way!!!! I know that sounds a bit ironic because I’ve been so busy at work I have neglected my friends and the worship team, but it is true. I hope now that I’m more free to re-connect with those people most important to me – my friends and my family.

Other news, I was at Foster Arend’s the other day swimming (1 of 2 times this summer I have been able to do so), and a man died while we were there. It was a 34 year old man, which was a relief, because we had heard that it was a child that day/night. The body was not found the entire 2 hours we were there. It is amazing the dynamics at a beach when something like that happened. The rebellious people were there complaining about the police and loudly speaking to each other at the gate “that’s why you don’t let your kids out of your sight when you got to the beach” and complaining because the “pigs” are all standing around doing nothing. It was frustrating, granted. But we had no idea the call had been made probably long before we got there. But they weren’t allowing anyone in that part of the lake and only slowly looking for the body in a small boat. Looking back, they know better than any of us how long a person of any age can survive underwater, and were just doing their job. But I didn’t appreciate these people jabbing their jaws with the family 15 yards away on the other side of the fence. I almost said something.

I suppose I should mention Steve. He was back for many weeks before and after our trip to Peru, and I truly enjoyed hanging out with Him! You ROCK, Stevearinobobarini!

I can’t think of anything else important. Really, the less you see me on here, the more and better things are happening in my life, so I apologize for not keeping this very current!!

God bless, all!