Video blog!

Thought I’d test out blogger’s new feature!

Here’s some footage from Rochester’s recent floods!

My Hero’s.

Reading a great new book by Brother Anderew, one of my heros. Called “Secret Believers: What happens when Muslims believe in Christ.” Brother Andrew is one of the extreme Christians that lay down their lives in love in extreme acts of faith for the sole purpose of serving other people, of any religion, race, denomination, and God comes through in extremes to support him. This made me think of all the other inspirations to me in my Christian faith. If you take the time to read anything by any of these people, you will be AMAZED at what you find!!! These are the people who have changed my life more than anyone else.

Some of my other heros (excluding the obvious Jesus and parents) are :

Bruce Olson: READ BRUCHKO!!!!!!! My favorite book of all time!!!!!
Arthur Blessitt: Read any of his books online for free here:
Brother Andrew: God’s Smugglers tells his amazing story of smuggling Bibles into the communist Soviet Union.
Rod Marquette: Pastor, spiritual Father, and good friend.
Anybody who cares enough to be counted: For example, with Darfur. Simply being counted – writing a letter to Congress, attending a march, wearing a shirt, telling a friend or whatever the case may be for issues that only require that a person just simply is counted in order to bring justice to another human they do not even know.
Anyone who overcomes, in any way, anything, inspires me.

I am…

Extreme. Passionate. Tempered. Resolved.
Eager. Living only to give myself.
Compassionate. Gentle.
Shrewd. Changing (for the better!)
At Peace with the King of Kings and the Lord or Lords, my Daddy, my Love, and my Friend.

I have only 1 life to live, and I will live it with the utmost extremism for Christ.