Runways have a beginning and an end – memories don’t

Tomorrow I will attend a Runway 36 farewell show at 6:30 at Club 3 Degrees.

I have known these guys for years. They do some things better than anyone else. They are great at promoting, booking, and fan relations.

But the most important thing- they are fun. And they had fun.

I was in the music industry for years, and squandered much of it. I put “contacts” before people, and business before many other things. I am ashamed of much of what I did, although some things I am proud of.

I often tell bands who ask me for advice this: Just have fun. I give you a .01% chance that you will ever be on a label, and a 2% chance you will still be together in 2 years. When you look back on your time together, just make sure you look back on it fondly.

Runway 36 always had fun. They truly enjoyed performing, meeting people, and most importantly, each other. I know they will have nothing but good memories to look back upon. And incredible relationships. Faces. Smiles. Smells. Good times. Bad times. And more faces.

They did it right. They pushed the business, but really didn’t lose sight of the fun. Good for you, Runway 36.

May God bless you guys in all that you do, and I can’t wait to rock with you tomorrow!


Wow. Rarely have internet access or time out here. The amount we’ve done already is consistent with my travel style- insane. Daily hikes, new sites, features, etc. A couple highlights since my last post at Greybull-

We’re currently in Thermapolis, home of the world’s largest hot springs. Taking a dip in a bit before heading toward devil’s tower. The last few days we’ve seen almost all the sites in Yellowstone (note the pic of me playing with Old Faithful) AND the Grand Tetons, which are very beautiful! We also drove a loop into Idaho to knock it off my “been to that state” list and saw some very beautiful colors there. ANIMALS!!! God’s let us see Bison, Elk, Moose, Silver Fox, Prong Horned Deer, Mule Deer, etc. Still no Grizzly, but the trips not over yet!

Time for me to download some mp3s for traveling! God bless you!


Yellowstone 2007 Road Trip Part 1

Day 1 was a success. Drove all the way from Rochester to our 1st night sleep (spontaneous due to our tiredness) in Greybull, Wyoming. Drive went actually REALLY smooth! I thought I’d be completely dead, but God was merciful!

I REALLY like Wyoming! It’s just like you’d expect. Cowboy country, only not in a fakey way like I’ve seen at so many other spots (reminds me- stopped at Wall Drug, SD on the way, too!). Mountains are just beautiful. Very rugged. I feel like I expect to see the Stetson man ride up to my cabin on a horse.

For Jess and Gamb- you would not know where to start climbing here!

Little Girl

As I sit here at Dunn Bros., there is a little girl, can’t be older than 3 or 4, dancing in front of me to beat all hell. She looks at me on occasion and I give her an encouraging smile and nod my head. She is a ballerina. Not because she has a degree, not because she even knows what she’s doing, but because she wants to be. She has been doing it for 20 minutes now. There’s a lesson in there for all of us.