So last night I had another one of my “celebrity dreams”. In this one I was hanging out with Oprah. We were getting ready for something and just talking. She helped me get the audio mixer setup for my levels to play, and we talked about some stuff as she ironed or something, at this house that looked like my grandparents old house. I got the feeling she was becoming more and more interested and impressed in/with me, and she wanted to date me. I thought… “hmm… interesting!”

1 Thing I’ve learned…

God will deal with you according to your level of faith.

If you have faith in His goodness, He will MEET YOU in that belief, and allow you to step out and achieve the true desires of your heart. He’ll even give you visions and talk to you on that level. If not, He will let them slip away. He won’t force your will.

But there comes a time, at least for me, when faith needs to take priority over feelings. It is only then that I have been able to see what my heart really is. I love my life, I just love it. I fear losing or missing God more than anything in life. But when I step up, it’s like I’m climbing up to a new rock stair step outside, and He meets me there. It’s invigorating.

There is a Delirious song that says the line, “Stand up, and be STRONG!” Be strong and believe that God is good enough to approve of your desires, so long as they’re Godly.

I believe in God’s goodness. It is because of this that I’m able to stand strong and be a man and to do things I never have been able to do. His goodness- is EVERYTHING.

Thank You, Jesus!!! I love you, Lord!!!