I believe…

I’ve grown. SOOOO much!! I’m amazed and thankful at everything the Lord has been teaching me, and I can’t wait to share it!

Life is good.

I’m just so happy!
I think I’m learning a lot about true love. I don’t think it feels like you would expect it to feel. Sometimes it is just doing what you know is right. Sometimes it has emotion. Sometimes it doesn’t. I think the more powerful times are when it doesn’t, because you are choosing Jesus. I may not feel like helping out my buddy from Sudan, or feel “called” to make it my life goal, but can I turn away if his tribe is dying?

I’m considering spending 6 months working at a leper colony in Calcutta. If that falls through, or if the Lord leads otherwise, perhaps working at an orphanage somewhere, but something about hanging out with lepers really appeals to me.

Shane Claiborne has been teaching me a lot. Look him up sometime on YouTube and I hope you will see my heart. I see myself in this, my contemporary. He is a man who has sought and found the purest of Christian lives. He has spent his life living with Mother Theresa, and with churches and on the streets here in America.

The greatest miracle in the world is Jesus. His love. His miracles are icing on the cake, but people go hungry again. Lazarus died again. And some who were healed didn’t worship him. But touching a lepers heart will last for eternity.

I love Jesus. I love him like a brother. Like a mentor. Like I’ve never loved anyone else in my life. Do you know Him? Would you like to? To hear the man who touched and healed lepers tell you he loves you is the greatest gift in all of life. I don’t know who reads these posts- sometimes I’m very surprised who God leads here- but I know you are reading this for a purpose. God is great! Give your life to Him and you will NEVER be the same (changed to shine like the sun by looking at His beautiful face!)

God bless you! Read Shane Claiborne’s book- Irresistible Revolution!


God is utterly ruining me. And I love it.
I am so ready for a wife.

What I’ve been up to!

Ok, so first of all, I got a GREAT e-mail from somebody who found my sermon on “Have I lost my salvation?” on my website recently and was set free. Talk about COOL!!! Yea God!! I’m amazed at how, with all of the pages on the Internet, he still sees fit to send some people to my website. Amazing!

I guess next, I just need to say that God has been doing more in my heart than I can comprehend, or convey. I am reading the book “Irresistible Revolution” and loving it. My secret desire for 10 years is to spend a portion of my life living a life of faith serving others. This guy did that with Mother Theresa in Calcutta. And then back here in America. Great book. Read it.

I’m also in a new band, which I’m IMMENSELY excited about!!! The music, I think, is GREAT, and has great potential. Thanks to Mike Stanton, we will hopefully be recording a rough copy of a song we wrote soon. I’m excited for that. 🙂

The most important thing, though, is that I feel like I’m seeking Jesus with all of my heart, and soul, and mind. Sometimes I wonder what He’s teaching me, but I delight myself in seeing His face. Worship has, once again, become the powerfully anointed presence of God experience that I live for, and what’s more, I feel like I have matured as a believer, in some very important and tangible ways. I’m waiting and excitedly looking to Jesus for my everything. He is good.

No matter where I go. No matter what I do. No matter who I marry, or don’t marry… Christ is my passion, my Savior, and my life.

I Climbed IT!!!!

Today, after a month and a half of training and trying for it, I climbed the crack at Prarie Walls gym. 27 feet to the ceiling using nothing but my hands and feet.

Thank You, God.

New Dance Partners… life in general…

Hello all!

Just a quick update on my vida loca…

First, God has blessed me with an incredible amount of new friends. He is SO good and faithful! One of the coolest things is that most of them are dancers as well. I’ve already found a new Salsa partner, and have a lot of other new friends that are interested in dancing all the time. I seriously love dancing, and would do it all week if I could.

Been hiking a lot. It’s amazing how much you change in life. I realize that my getting outside is necessary for my spiritual health. Even if it’s cold I try to get out and seek and find God in nature. I’m probably more athletic then I’ve ever been, and I LOVE it!! I love the feeling of stretching my body out, and how my body thanks me for it.

My new band is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! I’m serious, guys! I’ve been in bands for 16 years now, and I have NEVER been excited about the original music in this genre (hard rock) until now. The guys I’m playing with, Matt, Mark, and Marcus (hmm… I’m the only non-M) are all simply great guys, and I’m seriously amazed at the quality of music that we are making. It just seems to flow- faster than we can contain it. I honestly am having a hard time keeping up writing lyrics and melodies. They are just awesome.

I’m a pretty good rock climber now as well. I don’t know if I’m going to continue my membership or not, especially if the dancing picks up during the week, but I love watching how I tear up routes and cracks that used to be impossible. Call me “Iron Claw Hawley”

Other than that, I guess I’m just trying to refocus my heart and mind only on Christ Jesus. I live for Him alone. He is the lover of my soul, and although I don’t understand everything in life, I know, for a fact, that God is good. And that He loves me.