“Every night, God whispers into the dreams of
unsaved men and women. He seals the truth within their heart. Prophetic evangelism provides a human voice to the spiritual mysteries God has implanted in the lost. Many will search the world over, looking for the key to unlock that truth.” -John Paul Jackson

I just got done reading “The Celestine Prophecies”. Absolutely phenomenal book if you read it from a Christian perspective (replace “evolution” with “God”, “energy” with “Spirit” or “spirit”, etc.)

I’m growing convinced that when God said “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on ALL flesh”.. He meant it! Unsaved people CAN tap into God’s Spirit of love that flows over the entire earth. They absolutely can. They may not know who He is, and they may call it an “it”, but God has outright given humanity this gift and we need to understand this fact. That doesn’t negate the heartfelt need to know Him personally, but I absolutely was fascinated by this unsaved man’s understanding of how the Spirit works in relationship to our spirit, and how our spirits work in relationship to each other. He is so right on in so many ways! I’m re-reading it as soon as possible!

I also had a revelation the other day of what irked me about the “New Agers” that understand God’s Spirit on the earth, but don’t know the source. It is this: They don’t understand the cost!!! My hope and goal is to somehow meld both of these worlds- the judgementless tapping into God’s love and Spirit on the earth like new agers easily do and how God so desperately wants for all of us, while trying to help my friends who do not know Him realize that He is more that just a force. He is a Father. A Groom. A Friend. And He deserves the credit for what He’s done.

God, I’m so happy for these two “halves” of my life finally coming together! Thank You!!!! 🙂