I’m so encouraged!!!

God’s been working in some very cool ways lately! Shouldn’t be a surpise, as that is the only way He moves, but I’m particular excited to be plugged into His heart!

There will be a day coming when instead of fundraising campaigns to build a bigger building, there will be fundraising campaigns to help a smaller congregation of a different denomination reach their full status in Christ’s body. That is the day when the church is no longer a collection of individual entities, but rather a living, breathing body of Christ. No longer will we use the excuse “our body” or “my flock” as an excuse when the Bride is suffering in different parts of her body. Money will have no stranglehold over us. Money will have no stranglehold over us.

This will challenge and affect pastors more than any other current office.

I can see the Spirit pouring a foundation that will allow the Bride of Christ to truly move in her anointings. I don’t believe this will happen without a true communion in the body of Christ. AND NOT JUST GIVING THIS LIP SERVICE!!! Be VERY wary of brushing off God’s heart for communion and unity in His Bride! If a congregation doesn’t function as the church of Jesus in Rochester, rather than the mentality of 150 different churches, it will miss the move of His Bride. It will happen (and is happening) for those who truly live like one body, however. No matter what their numbers.

I am so encouraged. I can see God moving withing congregations to get out of their walls and share their talents and resources like the book of Acts. All which would have been a dream 5 years ago.

I can’t emphasize enough that when God gets a hold of the money of the congregations in Rochester, there will be no telling what He will do. You want to see miracles? Expect and pray for the day when “churches” no longer consider money, but instead only desire to see Christ’s body be raised up in its entirety! (I put “churches” in quotes because there is really only 1 church, not because these congregations are any more or less part of the Bride of Christ. They are!)

It’s got to happen locally before it happens on the earth. (Actually, it will happen at the same time.) But our focus needs to be on our family right next door. AND THAT CANNOT HAPPEN WITHOUT TRUE, VULNERABLE RELATIONSHIPS.

I know I lost some people right there. You should reread that sentence. If you don’t have any deep relationships outside of your own congregation, let alone withing your congregation, then you are missing out on where God’s moving. In your heart, you will see Christ’s Bride as only a sliver of who she actually is. And you will not only miss it, but you will be responsible for missing it. If you believe that nothing about Christ could be better than what you see or experience where you are, and so don’t pursue the church outside your four walls, you are guilty of pride. It’s not about you. It’s about Him. If you’ve truly found Christ, then you don’t move in fear, and you go wherever you can, doing whatever you can, to build up His body in your city. You still can maintain your accountability and heart ties, but you will miss Christ if you are not pursuing His heart for His body.

And He wants you desperately to have a coffee with a brother or sister from outside your box and find out what He has put into them and how you can help them. Actually, that’s just all gravy after the most important fact- He wants you to learn how to love them. Truly, unequivicobly love them. Please don’t be arrogant. Jesus loves His Bride, and she has needs right now in your own city! I think you will find He passionately loves His Bride and doesn’t care what “church” they go to. Just serve her without caring what “title” she holds or what “level” she is at according to your biased judgment! (Actually, guaging somebody’s level and corresponding it to your service of them is quite against God’s heart!)

I’m encouraged because I’ve been talking to a group of people who believe in a Christian school of creative arts. They have the same vision I have. I threw away the start to my school of worship about 4 years ago when I realized that the Bride as I saw it truly wasn’t ready for that kind of anointing, and it couldn’t handle the responsibility. But things are changing- RAPIDLY. I know multiple leaders now who are not interested in money as much as pooling resources. As is the case with God, the “last”, in other words- the smaller congregations of believers, will find it easiest to transform into this kingdom mentality of dealing with finances and collective resources.

The word “mine” needs to be stricken from congregation’s vocabulary, or they will miss one of the greatest blessings God has sent to this world since Acts. It will not only be a blessing of the manifestations of God, but it will be a blessing of love. The kind of love that makes you hurt with those who hurt, and mourn with those who mourn, and give your money away to somebody just because they don’t have enough and you love them. I see an imbalance that is being corrected by the Spirit. Many people pursue the gifts and desire love. The Bible, and the voice of the Spirit whispers ,”pursue love, and desire the gifts”. Pursuit is more rabid, of a higher priority, than a desire. It won’t be easy for some people to change, because they will have to push past their fears, their pride, their control, but when they do, halleluiah, they finally they will see with the eyes of Christ.

Oh, God! It grieves me so to see how your Bride treats itself!! I can see how you love us regardless, Lord. I give my life to You and to Your heart.

I don’t have all the answers. But I am committed to being a member of every church in Rochester. I will no longer claim allegiance to any “individual” church, nation, etc. I claim allegiance to Jesus. And that’s it. I want to serve. I commit myself to love. I respect authority and honor others. And I freely give myself to the Bride of Christ and a world who desperately needs to hear and see the power of love and grace. I give you and all of His Bride freedom to speak to me openly and honestly so I can be in better pursuit of Him and His priorities. Please take me sincerely on that.

Do Your will in my life, God.



Thank you. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for this life. I can’t believe how blessed I am!

You are so incredible. Thank you for NEVER letting go of me!!! You are a STRONG, STRONG, and GREAT Daddy!!!

God is so worthy…

of credit. For what He’s done. God said in the last days He would pour his Spirit out onto all flesh. But it was because of Jesus. I just so badly want Him to get the credit for what He bought, the relationships that He desperately longs for more than anything in the universe. What more could He have done, people? What other being is SOOOOOOO worthy of praise and honor and the glory due to him????