Wow. I don’t know where to start!

So today I get a call from a friend. We’ll call her Betsy. Betsy has a similar anointing as I do in worship. We have been through a lot together and worshiped together a ton. Good and bad times.

Apparently, we’ve both grown. God has been moving the church here in Rochester to get together and worship more. As he has been leading many of us to do this, the old way of doing things resurfaces first out of habit. In the past, we would focus first on the music, and secondly on the people so that the worship “experience” would be very touching to people, and, honestly, so we wouldn’t be annoyed at not being able to “flow” in the music. We would never say this outright, but I’ll be honest. This is how it happens many times.

God’s not into that. And we’re finally starting to understand this.

The people around you that want to lead worship with you are more important than the “quality” of worship itself, and God will not be happy about what you’re doing “for” Him unless you allow everyone with a gift and a passion to present it to him and each other. He’s the one hanging out with the broken-hearted and the oppressed anyway, why push away the “least of these” in giftings?

Yes, he may “show up” and touch the lives of his people, and even us leading worship, but ultimately, he is calling us to a better way. His way. The way where who is saying or playing or praying is far more important to us than how they are saying or playing or praying.

Am I perfect at this? Not even close. Love is unnatural to our sinful pride, and our flesh. I feel like I am losing far more battles than I am winning. But I am winning some now that I never would have entered before. And I will win most of them, if not all, before long. Because I love God. And because He loves me. And He loves people. First. Foremost. And everything else doesn’t even register on his priority list.

Until we get this we will never “be one as He is one.”