Pressure is off! :)

K and I just got back from our big trip to Antigua and Barbuda.  It was the first time in my life I had a job that allowed a budget, and I worked so entirely hard to give her this big trip that it was very stressful and tiring leading up to it.

We had some big reasons for wanting to do this big 2 week trip to the Caribbean.

First, I wanted to give Katie an opportunity to travel abroad.  She had never been out of the country, except for one 3-day cruise with her mother in which she was quarantined to her inner berth room due to a fever.  Not a good travel experience.

Secondly, you never know when you are married when you will start having kids.  And I felt like we needed to make this trip sooner than later- just in case.

And boy, do I feel good now! 🙂

We will post some images and comments from the trip soon, but I just wanted to touch on the area of how it feels as a man to do the following:

  • Set a budget
  • Work extra hard- for the love of your wife
  • Set goals and see those goals happen
  • Have an entire dream trip you picked out with your wife paid off- in advance!
  • Know that you gave your marriage- pre-kids- an opportunity you may never have once kids come.

It feels good.  Real good.