Wow, what a difference!

Judah is now nearly 3 months old.

Oh my gosh, what has changed.

I have a new job.  Less hours.  More time with family.  Just like I prayed for.

Judah – it’s truly the little things that are incredible.  The time we noticed he looked out the window when driving in the car.  The way we understand his specific cries and needs, from diaper to burp to hunger.  Looking in the mirror at himself and smiling (before we went to Matt and Hannah’s wedding).  Looking across the room.

He has, in the last week, just started noticing his toes.  He will raise his foot, look at it, and put it down.

God is also doing great things with Light45.  We just confirmed this last week studio time with a Grammy winning producer.  Skidd Mills.  More on this to follow.

God has been speaking to me about obedience.  And how He is ultimately all that matters.

He is bringing me into a time of truly fathering in more ways than one.  God give me grace!!!!