People singing MY SONGS!!!

Today was one of the ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHTS of my LIFE! There is no greater honor for a musician than for people to sing the lyrics to your songs. Tonight, all of the sudden, there was 30-40 people all singing “Your Love Breaks Every Boundary” – completely unprovoked. It was stunning. It was one of the most happy feelings of my life. I didn’t even expect anyone to come to this show, honestly.  Considering the storms we had today, and the fact people had to park down the street (played at Godz Graj). God is sooooo very good. We have some fans that come from Wisconsin to our shows now. Wow. I’m just amazed.

I cannot tell you the indescribable joy of that moment when I realized that everyone knew the words to our song, and were all belting it out in a chorus of unison and worship.  It was amazing.  Just absolutely indescribably happy!!!  I was and am sooooooo happy!!!!!!

I need to mention how awesome Katie is.

Judah – every day with that boy seems to get even better.  He will be a year old this coming week.  He says “dada”, “mama” and has said “I love you” twice.  Although he won’t do it again, lol.  He even said “I love you mama”.  No lie.  What amazes me is how great he is, and how fatherhood to me is like a curve.  For me it was hard and little payback at first, a stranger who demanded my life by the nature of his fragility, and to whom I committed myself while still being confused about how it was all supposed to be.  But as he grew, and started to do things, and develop his personality, and slowly crawled away from me and chased me for the first time (like a turtle on a snails back, lol), and laughs with me, etc, ever day has gotten better, and better, and better.  Until now I am struck by him when he is sleeping.  I have fun with him when he is awake.  And I find myself just thanking God for him all the time and praying for him.  What a cool little tike!!!  God has got great things for you, my little boy!