Days 1-2 Phew!

With Katie being pregnant, and wanting to try a little different travel style, we decided to layover overnight in Miami.  We scored a great airbnb location with an airport shuttle, a private room with an Alex-Jones libertarian named Aldo.  Really had a great night, good rest, and a great breakfast that we could tell was truly made with loving care by Aldo.

One great thing about the flight to Miami – 1st class.  We had contemplated upgrading but decided against it due to cost.  But God has really been showing his favor and mercy to us on this trip, and Katie was talking about how she had never flown first class but wanted to.  At the gate, we asked if we could be moved into a row together, and the gentleman told us it had already been done.  They put us together in the back of the plane.  Then a peach of an attendant named Kiril took a liking to us, and asked us if we would mind moving to an exit row.  While we didn’t really want to move, we complied and it did have more leg room.  Then before we took off, she stopped by again and said, “Today is your lucky day.  You can move to first class.”  What a blessing!!!  For me (Justin), the greatest part of it was seeing my Jesus love on my lovely wife in a way that is just so precious and exactly how he has done for me thousands of times.  That was, by far, a highlight of the trip.

Anyway, after we woke up we flew the rest of the way to Trinidad.  Uneventful, but it is worth mentioning that both in MSP and Miami we had the easiest and most friendly, funny TSA agents I have ever encountered.

When we arrived in Trinidad, a very tiring marathon began.  Caribbean airlines, with a terrible website, had cancelled my reservation.  We didn’t know if we would have to stay overnight or not, and were put on a standby list.  But after running back and forth between counters 38, 2, 38, and 37 we finally were given tickets for a flight leaving an hour later.

We arrived in Trinidad, and had to wait for our rental car guy.  So we went to the tourism office and this sister in the Lord began speaking words of live over unborn Judah.  “You will be the head and not the tail.  You are blessed and favored.  You are a man of peace.”  It was really a blessed time.

When Taylor (our rental car guy) picked us up, we had no idea the long, WINDING drive ahead of us.  Poor Katie, already prone to car sickness, sucked it up and made it the whole way.  It took her about an hour to recuperate once we arrived, but she is doing fine now.  I walked up the road to a grocery stand and got some ingredients, and we made some delicious pasta.

We are only now really starting to unwind.  Tomorrow we have to move to a different room, but then we have 6 blessed days with no plans, except the special surprise Katie has for me on Saturday.

Our place, SeaScape, is pretty cool, and the view, while dark when we got here, I believe will reveal to be world class in the morning.  The ocean is incredibly loud.  One other note – we were greeted by the largest grasshopper we have ever seen – comical proportions.  A head the size of a quarter and a body the length of my thumb tip to my middle finger tip when stretched as far away from each other as I can.  And the other critter was a gecko even larger.  Large enough not to be cute, and large enough so I didn’t know what to do.  He was in the second shower, which we decided not to use. lol. He claimed it first.

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