Surreal Awesomeness

Today:  Confirmed Light45 “Steeped” in Garage Rehab – Season 1, Episode 2.  AWESOME!!!  Over a minute!!!

More important – Judah.  Man.  This stage of life – what a blessing!!!  He is turning into my little buddy.  So polite at times.  So frustrated at others.  (I feel for him!  Must be hard working through all of those emotions!)

But I have never felt such love for the kid.  Seriously.  The things he does – just – just take my heart without giving me an option. lol.

Today – I told him as we were looking at a river “You are my favorite boy in the whole world.”  He made some kind of a soothing sound, took my hand, and laid his head next to my hand/head.  (I was kneeling near his stroller).  Pretty much the highlight of life, right there.

And then tonight, I asked him, “Do you want ice cream?”  And his eyes widened and he sweetly said, “Yes!”   Wow.  Just that seeing him visualize/enjoy the future thrills me!!!  Like when I told him we would ride a bus someday.  lol.  AWESOME!!!

Ok, just have seconds, but needed to post!

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