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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how God has accomplished almost every goal I’ve ever set for myself in life.  He has completed almost every dream.

I’ve traveled around the world and had a blast.  I was just thinking today about how I rode on the back of a crotch rocket in Nepal 4 hours through the himlayas into the Nepalese plains, and drank some kind of fermented rice liquor with my tour guide’s brother.  He lived in a tiny little shack, and apparently was a tailor, because the only possessions I could find that were his were a sewing machine (foot driven) and some cloth hanging on the walls.  Other than that we sat on the dirt floor and just shared an experience.

I’m married.  Quite possibly the biggest desire I had that I wasn’t sure would be fulfilled.  I just kept on believing that God would give me the desires of my heart, and even though I didn’t always trust, He came through.  And I’m married to the girl of my dreams.

I own a few businesses, and work for myself.  I am SO INCREDIBLY thankful for this.

I used to sit down and write in documents titled “current life options” or “the goal” or “Life Questions” what I really cared about in life and what I really wanted to spend my time doing.  Here is something I wrote down…

The goal:  To live radically for Jesus and take as many people to heaven with me as is humanly possible.
To have enough passive income for me and my family to live abroad and minister.
What do I need for this?
1.      Jesus’ hand and guidance and will
2.    Be debt free
3.     Passive income

I still believe in this.  And I’m trying to, with Katie’s teamwork, pay of the debt and we are trying to figure out God’s will, as well as how to generate passive income.

But it still begs the question- how do I want to minister?

I think I really want to be in a great worship/Rock band.  Like the Pearl Jam of worship.  God has given me a lot of grace in this area, and it is something that I continually am laying down to Him and asking when or if He wants to move on it.

It is the desire of my heart.

One thing that complicates things a bit, though, is that it is also the desire of my heart to lay down my life for Katie and her dreams.

What does this mean for us?

When we got married, our preferences were like this: I like rugged country adventures.  She likes cities with theatre.  I like being in Rochester.  She wants to leave.  Although over time I feel we have both started to attach to each other’s desires a bit more.

Anyway, no real point to this post.  I just wanted to post something.  I am just incredibly happy right now.  I am married to the best woman in the world, and I have a great job, and most importantly, I am so uber-secure in the love of Jesus- more than I’ve ever been.